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An idiopathic systemic inflammatory granulomatous disorder comprised of epithelioid and multinucleated giant cells with little necrosis. It usually invades the lungs with fibrosis and may also involve lymph nodes, skin, liver, spleen, eyes, phalangeal bones, and parotid glands. Year introduced: PSEUDOTUBERCULOSIS use SARCOIDOSIS 1963-1992

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Compounds 10

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Nickel PubChem CID: 935
Chromium PubChem CID: 23976
Copper PubChem CID: 23978
Zinc PubChem CID: 23994
Cobalt PubChem CID: 104730
Leukotriene B4 PubChem CID: 5280492
8-epi-PGF2alpha PubChem CID: 5282263
Silicon PubChem CID: 5461123
Selenium PubChem CID: 6326970
Leukotriene E4 PubChem CID: 5280879

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MeSH ID D012507
MeSH name Sarcoidosis