Non-specific interstitial pneumonia

Disease description

A diverse group of lung diseases that affect the lung parenchyma. They are characterized by an initial inflammation of PULMONARY ALVEOLI that extends to the interstitium and beyond leading to diffuse PULMONARY FIBROSIS. Interstitial lung diseases are classified by their etiology (known or unknown causes), and radiological-pathological features. Year introduced: 1994

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Metallic elements in exhaled breath condensate of patients with interstitial lung diseases. J Breath Res 2009 M. Corradi, O. Acampa, M. Goldoni, E. Adami, P. Apostoli, G. de Palma, A. Pesci, A. Mutti
J Breath Res 2009 Dec;3(4):046003. PubMed:21386196

Compounds 6

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Nickel PubChem CID: 935
Iron PubChem CID: 23925
Chromium PubChem CID: 23976
Copper PubChem CID: 23978
Silicon PubChem CID: 5461123
Selenium PubChem CID: 6326970

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MeSH ID D017563
MeSH name Lung Diseases, Interstitial